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Hi and Good Bye

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Hello everybody,

today it’s my second and already last post on the Create a smile stage. There are a few personal reasons for my (harsh) decision to leave the designteam.

I’m so sad. I will miss all these most talented, kind, always helpful and so funny ladies of this wonderful team.

Last not least a big thank to Christine.

She let me be a part of it all. A part of the birth of her (our) baby called Create a smile. Christine, you are the best. I don’t know a lot people with so much talent and burning ambition. It’s thrilling. I learned so much from you. Thanks for your support. Always patient with me *lol*

Perhaps I can come back one day !? Who knows…

Stop! Now it’s enough. Otherwise I’ll start to cry.

Now here is my Project. It’s not a Card. It’s a little gift for someone who needs a break (myself? *lol*)

It’s a wrapping for bath salts. And bath salts fits perfect together with the bath tube from the stamp set Comfy. Or not?

Close shot:

I hope the different pictures explain how it works.

I have a die cut to create the package (with Bigshot). I glued the workpiece together and decorated it with twine (wink to Christine).

Then I attached the bath tube. To immitate water drops I used crystal effects.

That’s all.

Here with the bath salts behing the package:


And here the bath salts inside:


Hope you found some inspiration in my post today.

Thank you all for supporting me.

Take care of yourself.







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